Why am I not getting paid?

You have to reach the minimum payout amount, and wait for the next payout round. Check the Payments page.

Additionally, after finding a block, you have to wait a set amount of time for the pool to confirm that the block is valid. You can check the status of this on the Blocks page.

The pool still says I have 0 H/s

Wait a few minutes. If it still shows 0 H/s, double check you entered the correct pool address, and username(your uPlexa address).

The pool reports a different hashrate than my miner

Pools display an estimated hashrate, while the miner displays your actual hashrate. Earnings are not affected by this.

The My Workers page says Invalid Address

Keep mining for a few more minutes, and try again. If issue still persists, double check you entered the correct address both on the website and in your miner.